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Krakow,Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz Tour – 2 Days

2 days staying in Krakow to see the old town, Kazimierz and a day tour to enjoy Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz Tour.  All of these sites have universal value and help remember the history around Krakow. These 2 days are a great opportunity to discover Krakow and still have time for a day tour with a specialist guide and a group of max 4 people.

Day 1: Krakow Old Town and Jewish District

Krakow is Poland’s second city and was the former capital . It is upstanding and architecturally fine: the showpiece Wawel Castle and Rynek Glowny,  Europe’s largest medieval city square, is truly superb. During the Second World War, the Nazis decided they rather liked Krakow, so made it their home in a country whose population they wished to exterminate. While the rest of Poland was bombed, the old city was preserved.

Krakow has a large student population so it is lively, upbeat and full of life. It is also home to some spectacular and significant churches and cathedrals. Our Krakow Old Town and Jewish District walking tour includes stops at the most prominent churches of Krakow.

Krakow’s old quarter offers many things to do. Besides the castle and the churches, a clutch of excellent museums provide cultural diversion and your local guide will also point out things to do on your own when your tour finishes.  Downtown Krakow is great with many local eateries  so your guide will recommend one before you proceed into the second part of your tour.

Second half of the tour is focused on the Jewish District of Krakow: Kazimierz.  Kazimierz was once an independent town, governedseparately from Krakow until the late middle ages. Later, it became known as the Jewish Quarter of the city and was finally transformed into a center for Krakow’s beatnik bars and cafe culture. All that history makes for one awesome array of activities and sights.

While still dating all the way back to the 11th century, these areas have a distinct style to them. Kazimierz, for one, was officially designated as a Jewish settlement from the 13th century onwards, which meant that synagogues took the place of monumental churches.

Day 2 of Krakow, Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz Tour:

Wieliczka Salt Mines and Auschwitz Day Tour from Krakow

Wieliczka salt mines are about 40 minutes ride from Krakow and what you’ll see is hundreds of kilometers of galleries with works of art, underground chapels and statues sculpted in the salt, making this tour a fascinating pilgrimage into the past.

The mines were administratively and technically run by Wieliczka Saltworks Castle, which dates from the medieval period and has been rebuilt several times in the course of its history.

Lying on nine levels, its original excavations (longitudinals, traverses, chambers, lakes, as well as lesser and major shafts) stretch for a total of 300 kilometres reaching the depth of 327 meters and illustrate all the stages of the development of mining technology over time.

The tour includes a visit to the stunning “underground town” with lakes, passages, and the marvellous Chapel of St. Kinga.

The second half of the day is spent visiting Auschwitz. We travel to Auschwitz to see traces of the past, acquire knowledge of the history of the camp and the Holocaust of the Jews, and to see and understand how the crimes were perpetrated there.  You’ll be visiting of one of the most important places on earth, a place where the most tragic crimes in the history of humanity were committed. It has come to symbolise the evil of which humans are capable.

The Museum encompasses the two largest camps of the Auschwitz complex: Auschwitz I, the main camp (in the town of Oświęcim) which includes the museum exhibits, and Auschwitz II-Birkenau near the village of Brzezinka. Birkenau is kept as a relic, a reservation and place of reflection. It covers an area of 176 ha, including the site of the concentration camp and the mass extermination facilities. The tour includes both these parts of the Museum and lasts around 3.5 hours.

The exhibits, located in former camp buildings where the prisoners lived, are divided into two parts. The first part, which is a permanent feature of the guided tour, presents the general history of the Auschwitz camp. The second part includes national exhibits concerning people who were deported to Auschwitz from particular countries.

Visiting this Memorial is a difficult and painful experience which provokes reflection and the asking of difficult questions to which there is often no answer. That is why it is important to come to this place of remembrance with an awareness of its significance and your guide will give knowledge about the issues described above.

Join our Krakow, Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz tour  to get acquainted with Polish history in an efficient way organized professionally and led by a local guide.

You can choose to go private or join a small group of max 4 so the experience is always intimate. This tour runs only on Saturdays and Sundays and starts at 180Euros per person. Unfortunately we can not offer the Krakow, Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz Tour during weekdays. 

HIGHLIGHTS - Krakow,Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz Tour

Krakow,Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz Tour

  1. Salt Mines
  2. Magnificent chambers chiselled out in rock salt.
  3. Amazing underground saline lakes.
  4. Majestic timber constructions.
  5. Unique statues sculpted in salt.
  6. Almost 3 kilometres of meandering corridors.
  7. 800 steps to climb of which 350 have to be descended to reach the depth of 135 meters underground.
  8. The Chapel of St. Kinga
  9. Miner’s lift back up
  10. Auschwitz I
  11. Auschwitz II-Birkenau

Krakow Old Town and Jewish District

Old Town Sites: 

  1. Royal Wawel Hill
  2. Royal Castle
  3. Cathedral Church
  4. Dragon’s Cave
  5. Kanonicza street – the oldest street of Krakow
  6. St. Andrew’s Church
  7. St. Peter’s and Paul’s Church
  8. Royal Route
  9. Episcopal Palace – Papal Window
  10. Franciscans’ Church
  11. Old University Quarter
  12. Main Market Square
  13. Medieval Town Hall
  14. The Cloth Hall
  15. St. Mary’s Church
  16. Triumphal Gate of Krakow
  17. Fortifications of Medieval Town
  18. The Barbican
  19. Grunwald Battle Monument

Jewish Sites: 

  1. Oskar Schindler’s Sites in Krakow
  2. Jewish Ghetto Area
  3. Remnants of the Jewish Ghetto Walls
  4. Resettlement actions square
  5. The Eagle Pharmacy
  6. Old Jewish District
  7. Remuh Synagogue
  8. Remuh Cemetery
  9. Old Synagogue
  10. Izaak’s Synagogue
  11. Krakow’s Transit Camp
  12. High Synagogue
  13. Temple Synagogue
  14. Jewish Market Place
  15. Helen Rubinstein’s Family House
  16. Jewish Memorials
  17. Oskar Schindler’s Factory


  • Scholarly and local Walks In Europe Tour Guides
  • Small private groups of 4 people
  • Admission fees
  • Private vehicle
  • 1 night B&B accommodation in Krakow


  • Transport if you’re staying outside of Krakow
  • Drinks
  • Lunches that you can pay at spot recommended by your guide
  • Dinners

Meeting Point

We meet at Wawel Castle main gate

Your guide will have a signboard that says Walks In Europe


This tour starts at 09:00 am only at Saturday or Sunday. Unfortunately it is not available during weekdays.

Prices for Private or Shared Groups
  • There will be 4 people and we charge 180Euros per person.  Please do let us know if your group is smaller than 4.

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