Tallinn Jewish History Tour

Jewish History of modern Tallinn
Tallinn synagogue Tallinn Jewish history tour

Tallinn Jewish History Tour supported by a private vehicle – 4 hrs

If you’d like to see a bit more into Tallinn apart from the Old Town and interested in the Jewish history of the city, then this 4 hour  tour is just the match for you.

First we spend 2 hours in the Old Town ( Please find description here) have a coffee break and then jump into our private vehicle to discover surrounding areas for a full sightseeing tour in Tallinn.

Our second visit will be the Jewish Synagogue, Jewish Museum and the neighbourhood around it. It’s a wonderful new synagogue in the heart of modern Tallinn. The synagogue has a museum adjacent to it and the locals are very proud to show of their culture and history.

During World War II, the Jewish community that had existed in Tallinn was all but wiped out, and its Synagogue bombed. In the years following the war, a few native Jews returned to Tallinn, joined by many more Russian Jews, but the Soviet regime had outlawed any open observance of Judaism.

It was only after Estonia regained independence in 1991 that a real Jewish religious community was re-established here. It started with a cultural centre, then a Jewish school. In 2000, following the appointment of Rabbi Shmuel Kot as the chief rabbi of Estonia, a prayer centre was set up in a nearby building.

Our third visit as part of the Tallinn Jewish History tour will be the Kadriorg Garden and Kadriorg Palace.

This grand, baroque palace built for Peter the Great in 1718 now houses the Art Museum of Estonia’s foreign collection. Designed by Italian architect Niccolo Michetti, the palace and surrounding manicured gardens are a humbling example of Tsarist extravagance.

Surrounding the Palace are several interesting palace side buildings and the Presidential Palace used as an office by Estonia’s head of state.

Kadriorg Park park surrounding Kadriorg Palace is without a doubt the best place in town for relaxed strolling, pigeon feeding and life pondering. It was set up in 1718 as part of the palace estate, but has always been open to the public.

Do not miss the truly wonderful addition in form of the Japanese garden designed by Japan’s renowned landscape designer Masao Sone.

Song Festival Grounds: An important part of Estonian history is the sprawling event venue in Kadriorg holding a special place in Estonians’ hearts as the birthplace of the Singing Revolution. It was here in 1988 that Estonia’s massive, musical demonstration against Soviet rule set the nation on its road towards re-independence. Most famously the site is home to the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration, an unforgettable event that takes place every five years, drawing together up to 34,000 performers and 200,000 spectators.

For a unique, historic experience, we explore the eerily beautiful ruins of St. Bridget’s, a medieval convent destroyed in 1577.

Founded in 1407 as part of a Swedish religious order, St. Bridget’s was the largest convent in the Livonian territories and operated until the Livonian War, when it was decimated by the forces of Ivan the Terrible. The most striking feature that remains is a mysterious, 35-metre gabled facade towering above the trees next to Pirita River.

We end the day at the Pirate Beach  which is by far the largest and most popular in Tallinn – during summer it can attract up to 30,000 visitors a day. The 2km-long beach has a magnificent view of Old Town and the busy sea traffic on the Gulf of Finland.

Join our Tallinn Jewish history tour  to have a deeper understanding of Tallinn in an efficient way organized professionally and led by a local guide.

You can choose to go private or join a small group of max 8 so the experience is always intimate. Part of the tour will be supported in a private vehicle. 

Tallinn Jewish history tour runs everyday except Friday and Saturday. Tours start at 125Euros.

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HIGHLIGHTS - Tallinn Jewish History Tour

Jewish Synagogue

Jewish Neighbourhood

Jewish Culture Center and Museum


Tallinn Old Town

  • Lower and Upper Towns.
  • Fat Margaret Tower
  • Pikk Street
  • Town Hall Square
  • Wheel Well
  • Great Guild Hall
  • Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral
  • Church of the Holy Ghost
  • Danish King’s Garden
  • St Olav’s Church
  • One of the world’s oldest working pharmacies.
  • Fortified Medieval City Walls
  • Tall Hermann Tower
  • Parliament House
  • Stunning views from Toompea Hill

Kadriorg Park

  • Vast park surrounding Kadriorg Palace
  • Swan Pond on Weizenbergi street, with its fountain, gazebo and birds.
  • Japanese Gardens by Masao Sone

Kadriorg Palace

  • Grand, baroque palace built for Peter the Great
  • Kadriorg Art Museum
  • Presidential Palace
  • Mikkel Museum
  • Peter House Museum

Song Festival Grounds

St.Bridge’s Convent

Pirita Beach


  • Scholarly and local Walks In Europe Tour Guides
  • Private Vehicle after the Old Town walking tour
  • Coffee Break
  • Small groups of 8 or private tours


  • Drinks
  • Lunch

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  • Once you book a shore excursion, it is mandatory to send us your ship’s schedule so we organize and let you know accordingly.
Prices for Private or Shared Groups
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  • Children: They are free until the age of 12, accompanied by an adult.

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