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What Are The Best Tours To Take In Amsterdam?


Amsterdam’s artistic heritage, elaborate canal system, and narrow houses with gabled facades make it a city to come back often. There are so many things to do in Amsterdam, like visiting the Museum Quarter, walking the Joordan or shopping at the street markets.

De 9 StraatjesArchitectural Highlights of Amsterdam 

Join our small group tour to discover Amsterdam’s architectural highlights in this unique tour with an art historian. Walk the streets with an overview of the architectural style of the city’s heritage.

Explore Amsterdam’s 17th-century canal ring area and enjoy one of the marvels of this world’s architecture. Learn as your guide documents the history of this unique urban development and find out just why this area has been designated by UNESCO as a world heritage.

a large body of water with a city in the background

The area offers a great overview of the architectural style of Amsterdam’s rich past. After 400 years it is still very lively with artisanal businesses, hidden cafés, restaurants, galleries, and a unique blend of specialized and authentic shops.



Iconic Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam’s Financial History Tour

Follow the money with an expert tour guide to see the world’s first stock exchange, multinational cooperations, the central bank, and the economic bubble that created the legacy of the financial sector of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam's Financial History Tour

Learn financial history explained by an expert guide and see the hotspots of the history of money in Amsterdam.

In your small group tour with an expert local guide, understand the course of this important part of the city’s history over 5 centuries.



Rijks Museum or Van Gogh Museum or Both!Private Art Walk In Amsterdam 

So many museums, so little time! Amsterdam is rich in its art offerings. But how can you cull through the paintings, sculptures, and collections to find the pieces that most speak to you? This tour is a perfect investment to make the most of your valuable time in Amsterdam. Never lose time again, ask your expert guide where your favorite artist is and they will take you there.

Amsterdam private art walk

Enjoy a very personal tour in Amsterdam by an art historian. Explore art in Amsterdam in a unique itinerary to understand the Dutch Masters.  Our expert guide takes you to the exact spot that will touch you; the most efficient way to enjoy the variety of art that Amsterdam has to offer.



Explore Jewish culture and influence in AmsterdamJewish Amsterdam and the Story of Anne Frank – 

Want more than a generic WWII in Amsterdam? Go for our small group tour with an expert guide to discover the hidden stories and spaces of Jewish life in Amsterdam and to understand the Jewish presence in Amsterdam before and during WWII. Hear the insightful story of Anne Frank and her family dynamics, their move from Germany, their time in hiding, and her father’s life after the war.

Amsterdam's Jewish History Tour

Cross the city center from West to East and find the locations that mattered during the five years of Nazi occupation in Amsterdam between May 1940 and May 1945. Your expert guide’s narration will introduce you to several people that played their roles during these dire years.