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  • Unforgettable and Relaxing

Tallinn: Sauna Culture and Brewery Tour

Discover and take part in a local culture

Quick Details

Duration: 3 hours

We pick up from your hotel in Tallinn.

We pick up from the dock if you are on a cruise ship.

Private Tour (2 Guests)
Additional Private Tour Guest


You know how they say, ‘in wine, there is wisdom, in beer freedom’’ so we have prepared for you a very relaxing guided walking tour! The tour where you will be able to see and hear about the brewery production process and test 3-4 different kinds of local Estonian beers. Join the tour to feel free from your daily routine.

The place we are bringing you offers one of the best beer experiences in Estonia since all their beers are inspired by their heritage and local nature, and cuisine. They take well-known beer styles and add their own distinctive twist with surprising ingredients. Plus, it is so trendy, a well-decorated area, that you will find yourself wondering are you really in Tallinn. Honestly, we can’t wait for you to see the brewery and taproom we are bringing you to. Who doesn’t love a good beer, raise your hand? Nobody? That’s what we thought too.

But that’s not it. Whoever thinks that perfect couples don’t exist, definitely have not experienced beer&sauna combo. If you would ask any Estonian, what would be one of the best activities to do while in Estonia, they would probably say sauna! Yes, yes, that’s right, we have prepared for you an unforgettable, hot sauna experience! And at Walks In Europe, we think, that life without a sauna wouldn’t be possible.

This tour will begin at Balti Jaama where our professional guide will meet you. The guide will briefly introduce you to the famous surroundings but if you wish to know further about Old Town and possible experiences here, don’t hesitate to join our guided walking tours in Old Town as well.

Our guide will tell you interesting facts about Kalamaja, how it served in the past and what role Kalamaja plays today.

It’s a short walk, around 25 minutes but we recommend to wear comfortable shoes.

After going through Kalamaja, you will get a chance to learn about the beer brewery process, see and test different kinds of craft beers and indulge yourself in the relaxing sauna experience.

After the tour ends, you will be guided back the Tallinn Old Town where the tour started, but if you feel that you would like to learn more about the Kalamaja and its trendy surroundings, feel free to join our guided Kalamaja tour, where you learn more about this unique area of Tallinn city.