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Copenhagen – Urban Life

Quick Details

Duration: 3 hours

This tour runs everyday

  • Morning departure at 10:00
  • Afternoon departure at 14:30

Meeting point:

We meet at the Jægersborggade in front of the Coffee Collective cafe (Jægersborggade 57, 2200 København). The guide will meet you there, and you will recognize your guide by a sign which says Walks In Europe.

Here’s the address:


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Adult (Ages 10+)
Child (Ages 3-9)
Infant (Ages 2 and Under)

Explore Urban Copenhagen

Raise your hand up if you like green parks, cozy cafes, classic museums, charming streets, and entertaining public spaces! Do you? We thought so! Copenhagen, the Danish capital, is a city which has it all. From the finest restaurants and the coziest, Scandinavian style cafes, to never ending entertainments in Tivoli gardens and smiling people all around the city.

So you have already seen a little Mermaid and the charming Amalienborg palace (if not yet, then don’t miss a chance to take our Hygge walking tour), now it’s time for the inner-city, or how we would like to say, the place where local people daily lives are being spent.

We love Copenhagen, and our walking tour guide, the real Danish, who gives out Hygge vibe in whatever he does, is ready to bring you to an unforgettable, guided Urban tour in Copenhagen. Lots of positive emotions guaranteed!

Our walking guided tour will start at Jægersborggade. If we start with the history of Jægersborggade, then less than 10 years ago, this area of the city was considered as dangerous and criminal. Like, nobody would ever consider bringing somebody for a romantic walk or sunny afternoon here. But then, chef Christian Puglisi opened his restaurant. Restaurant full of the right vibe. It was such a success, that many other businessmen decided to follow the Christian’s path, and Jægersborggade, what initially was a dark and criminal site, became in something so vibrant that people started to love this area. Well, our tour guide will introduce you closer to this dark aspect of Jægersborggade during our walking tour, but don’t worry, today drugs and all the other similar companions are out of the Jægersborggade, instead of that, here you can find charming coffee shops, cafes, and bakeries. Vibrant and colorful, that what is today’s Jægersborggade.

Our next viewing point will be Assistens Cemetery. We have included this cemetery in our Urban tour, because this is a resting place of Hans Christian Andersen, and we want you to show places related to some of the famous people who have been investing in Copenhagen’s city life.

Along the way with witty talks of our tour guide, we will be moving towards the Elmegade. Exactly Elmegade is one the favorite streets for the locals, and it’s not without a reason. Imagine, on this street, you can find Laundromat Cafe where while you enjoy some tasty pastry for your breakfast, meantime, your clothes can be washed in the cafes washing machine. How cool is that and where have you seen this elsewhere? And that’s not the only one gem what our tour guide will show you.

All the bargain hunters, it’s your perfect timing to spot some treasures in the Ravnsborggade vibrant neighborhood. It’s not a too big street, but big enough to combine modern with vintage and leave you curious about this place. It’s a perfect destination for a cup of latte and some vintage dress or a hat hunt, or for even more shopping lovers, you can find some designer shops here too. Locals love this place and so will you! Interesting fact, on the selected dates, Ravnsborggade, turns into a big flea market where locals are selling everything. Starting to Danish porcelain to jewellery, accessories and so much more. Join our walking tour and our tour guide will give out secrets how to better shop the flea markets in Copenhagen.

Another charming Urban street we will visit is Blagardsgade. When the sun is shining, the old-school wooden tables are placed out to the pedestrian street, where the local people are sipping drinks and chatting. Get the authentic Copenhagen vibe.

What else could say, ‘’URBAN’’ if not the fresh food markets? Good, organic, fresh food. During our guided walking tour, we will be in a food paradise Trovehallerne. It’s a perfect place where you can grab some snack. One of the highlights from Trovehallerne is that they specialize in selling some of the freshest products that can’t be found in ordinary shopping malls. Join our guided tour and find out what you should definitely try.

We will continue our walk with our tour guides entertaining talks about Copenhagen’s development then and now, until we reach Kongens Nytorv. It is a central old square and home to such buildings like as The Royal theatre, D’Anglettere Hotel, and the Charlottenborg Academy. Take a glimpse into the fancy urban area of Copenhagen.

For that perfect colorful view, we will stop at the Nyhavn, the most photographed place in Copenhagen. And there is a reason why so, the beautiful Scandinavian houses are built next to each other, being painted in different color gammas, creating that perfect postcard effect. Canal along the way is giving even better effect and a pleasure to your eyes. Nyhavn holds some salty history which will be told by our tour guide upon the exciting walk.

And now, the most intriguing part, we will be moving towards Christiania. Part of the town which probably you are excited to see the most. Without a doubt, it is one of the most famous places in all Copenhagen. Christiania is a mix of homemade houses, workshops were real blacksmith’s are making some unique pieces. You will see galleries, cozy cafes and even cheap and organic places to have a bite. During our walking tour, you will see such highlights like the oldest Blacksmith’s workshop, the largest concert call in Christiania, Morgenstedet- an organic, vegetarian cafeteria, the old military building and so much more. Also, you will have a chance to learn why Christiania even until today has conflicts with all the rest part of Danish state. It is an edgy side of the city. You must see it.

Copenhagen is what it is, thanks to the people who live there. Join our Urban walking tour to get an impression of the life what local Danish people have here everyday. We give you unique experience to walk in the local’s shoes, join our walking tour and experience it!