Florence Accademia and Duomo

Quick Details

Duration: 3 hours

This tour runs everyday, except Mondays and Sundays.

  • Morning tour leaves at 09:00
  • Afternoon tour leaves at 14:00

Meeting Point

Tour meets at the Accademia gates ( occasionally in high season we may alter the meeting point to be the Duomo due to ticket allocations but we will let you know if that happens). Here’s the address to the Accademia:



what3words gives every 3m x 3m in the world a unique 3 word address. This one describes the precise location of the meeting point. Click here to learn more.

Join Our Accamedia and Duomo Tour in Florence

If you only have one day for a tour in Florence, go for this one: A three-hour tour that covers two of the major monuments: The Accademia for David and the Duomo Complex.

We’d recommend that you combine this Florence Accademia Duomo tour with our Spirit of Florence tour. People will think you’re mad not seeing THE David in Florence. So, make time for it. This tour goes beyond just showing you the best sights as it’s led by a local guide, ready to share insights to the city that most tourists don’t discover on their own.

It’s also essential because we organize pre-reserved tickets, so you do not lose time waiting in a long line while you’re on holiday. Some people just remember their Italian holidays as long lines.

Accademia Galleries

Michelangelo created David for the Duomo and completed in 1504 when Michelangelo was just a young man of twenty-nine. It was originally placed in the political heart of Florence, in Piazza Della Signoria and then was moved indoors.

The story of David was ever-popular in art throughout the 15th century as a symbol of the strength and truth of good over evil. So, the copy replaced in Piazza Della Signoria in 1910,  still guards over the city of Florence. Your local guide will give good coverage of this history in the Florence Academia Duomo walking tour.

The Duomo and the Baptistry

Dominating the skyline of Florence, the imponent Cathedral of Florence is an artistic wonder for its size and its amazing marble decorations. You’ll see the beauty of priceless treasures of Gothic and Renaissance art from outside only. We do not include an interior visit of the cathedral to this tour because there is a climb of the dome.

The dome of the cathedral is very famous for many reasons like its size and mosaics. Florence Accademia Duomo tour is a very small group or a private tour anyway, so the experience is quite intimate. 

You’ll have pre-reserved tickets for at the end of the Florence Academia Duomo tour, you can climb the dome and the bell tower to admire scenic views of Florence and the surrounding Tuscany.

Right in front of the cathedral Santa Maria Del Fiore, you will see the Baptistry famous with its doors. These are the Gates of Paradise but what you’ll see here are the copies of the original.

Both the Accademia and the Duomo are very famous for many reasons, and rightly so they are notorious for the difficulty to get tickets. This Florence Accademia Duomo tour is a great investment to save your time and to appreciate the potentially overwhelming series of art works with a scholarly local guide who manages to be fun at the same time. 

Your Florence Accademia Duomo tour will end at one of the Squares so you can ask your guide for options of the best places to eat or drink an aperitivo.