Byzantine Tour Along the Golden Horn with Chora Church

Quick Details

Duration: 6 hours

This tour runs everyday, except Wednesdays

  • Morning tour leaves at 09:30 – 15:30

Meeting Point

  • Private Parties: We meet you personally at your hotel.
  • Shared Parties: We meet in front of the Spice Market front gate by the water front.
Adult (Ages 10+) 2 adult minimum
Child (Ages 3-9)
Infant (Ages 2 and under)
Private Tour

Istanbul History & Architecture Tour

Want to discover Byzantine Istanbul Constantinople? Have you finished the famous sites in Sultanahmet and ready to walk in areas where tourists do not go? Then our Byzantine Istanbul Constantinople is a perfect choice!

The vastness of the vision and boldness of the design of the Byzantine era Constantinople is expressed in Hagia Sophia, but medieval Constantinople around the Golden Horn offers more information compared with Sultanahmet.

We poke around forgotten corners just over this hauntingly beautiful inlet – the Golden Horn and walk to see Constantinople before the Ottoman Conquest in 1453.

Our Byzantine Istanbul Constantinople tour starts with a ferry ride from Eminonu or Karakoy zigzagging both sides of the Golden Horn to end in Ayvansaray.
Ayvansaray is where Constantinople officially ended so we’ll see and walk along the mighty Byzantine walls of Theodosius from 5th Century.

Our first visit is an extraordinary Greek Orthodox Church – Mary Blachernae. The only church in the whole world where there’s a service on a Friday morning. This church was built on a sacred water source and, is a pilgrimage for Greek people in Istanbul.

We’ll be climbing the 7th hill of Istanbul as we make our way to one of the oldest Byzantine Palaces of the 13th Century ( Tekfur Sarayi).
The highlight of the trip is the famous Chora, the Byzantine marvel of mosaics and frescoes.

We then walk our way back through Balat which houses one of Istanbul’s surviving medieval synagogues and trendiest houses that are now enjoying their second or even third type of use.

In Fener, we see the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate housing a column, which is believed to have been used for the binding and flogging of Jesus in Jerusalem.