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  • Includes iconic Colosseum from an exclusive vantage point

Rome: Forum and Palatine Hill Guided Tour with Tickets

History of Rome with 3 iconic sites

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Adults (18 and over)
Youth (Ages 13 -17)
Children (Ages 3-12)
Infants (Ages 0-2)
Private Tours starting from Base price for 2 people (+€49 for each additional person)

Rome: Forum and Palatine Hill Guided Tour with Skip-the-Line Tickets

See one of Rome’s must-see attractions, the Colosseum from a privileged angle.

Embark on a captivating guided tour of the Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, and Colosseum, three iconic landmarks in Rome that offer a deep dive into the history and grandeur of the ancient Roman Empire.

Tour begins at the Roman Forum the  “heart of ancient Rome”. As you wander through its labyrinthine pathways, you’ll be immersed in a profound sense of history and antiquity. As you enter the Roman Forum, the first structure you encounter is the Temple of Julius Caesar, built on the site where Julius Caesar’s body was cremated after his assassination. The temple is a tribute to the Roman leader, with a monument marking the spot where his body was believed to have been placed during the funeral. Just a short distance from this Temple you find the Curia Julia, the meeting place of the Roman Senate, where political debates and discussions took place.

As we proceed, you approach the circular Temple of Vesta. This sacred temple was dedicated to the goddess Vesta, protector of the hearth and home. The temple housed the eternal flame of Rome, tended by the Vestal Virgins. Moving deeper into the Forum, you come across the Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine. This grand basilica was once used for legal and administrative purposes. Finally, you reach the Arch of Titus. This triumphal arch commemorates the military victories of Emperor Titus, including the conquest of Jerusalem in 70 CE. Look closely at the reliefs to see scenes of soldiers carrying spoils from the Jewish Temple.

As you ascend the hill, your guide will provide insights into its historical significance. Palatine Hill is considered the birthplace of Rome and the site where Romulus founded the city. It was also the home of Roman emperors and aristocrats. You’ll stroll through the ruins of imperial palaces, admire the beautiful gardens, and enjoy panoramic views of Rome.

Your tour continues with a leisurely walk to the Colosseum where your tour will finish with a brief explanation from outside. Your guide will take you through the fascinating history of this ancient amphitheater, explaining its construction, purpose, and the events that took place there, including gladiatorial contests and public spectacles.