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  • Fresh Option in Venice

Venice: Dorsoduro Artistic and Cultural Hub Walking Tour

Discover one of the most charming neighbourhoods in Venice on a guided tour

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Adults Ages ( 15 - 99 )
Youth Ages ( 7 - 14 )
Children Ages ( 3 - 6 )
Infants Ages ( 0 - 2 )
Private Tour Base Price for 2 People

Venice: Unique Tour in Dorsoduro, Hosted by Expert Local Guides

Explore Dorsoduro, an enchanting and authentic district in Venice, known for its unparalleled charm and tranquility, away from the bustling crowds of tourists found elsewhere. As we meander along, you’ll be treated to the sight of a beautiful church, offering a breathtaking panorama of Giudecca Island and the Giudecca Canal, while strolling along the picturesque Zattere promenade.

For those seeking a delectable treat, make sure to indulge in the renowned Nico Gelato Shop’s exquisite Gianduiotto, a divine blend of hazelnut and cream. Marvel at the splendid view of the historic Gondola Shipyard of San Trovaso, where gondolas continue to be crafted and restored.

Moving forward, delve into the heart of Dorsoduro, the captivating Campo Santa Margherita, boasting delightful cafes and unassuming eateries. Here, you’ll discover the fascinating tale of one of the last floating vegetable market boats remaining in Venice.

Our journey continues at the Pantalon Church, a magnificent 17th-century edifice adorned with Giovanni Antonio Fumiani’s awe-inspiring canvas painting on its ceiling, a true masterpiece. Notably, you’ll also witness a rare sighting of the only Bansky graffiti in Venice, as well as uncover traces of a hidden ancient Casino, The Casin dei Nobili.

Further along, we encounter Campo San Vio and the Anglican Church, followed by the iconic Peggy Guggenheim Museum, where the esteemed art collector resided until her passing. Throughout the tour, feel free to engage your guide with any queries you may have about these remarkable landmarks.

Our excursion concludes at the Custom House, presenting a magnificent vista of Saint Mark’s Basin. Rest assured, your tour guide will gladly assist in planning the remainder of your day, suggesting an itinerary tailored to your preferences.