Historical Rome Tour

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Duration: 3 hours

This tour runs every day

  • Morning tour leaves at 09:00
  • Afternoon tour leaves at 13:00

Meeting Point

We meet at the Pantheon. Your guide will have a signboard that says Walks In Europe. Here’s the address:


what3words gives every 3m x 3m in the world a unique 3 word address. This one describes the precise location of the meeting point. Click here to learn more.
Adults (Ages 10+)
Children (Ages 3-9)
Infants (Ages 2 and Under)
Private Groups

Tour All The Major Ancient Rome Sites

Rome is the hub of cultural and historical artifacts in Europe. Our Historical Rome Tour covers all the typically popular sites in Rome with an intimate experience of groups no larger than eight.

In three hours, you see all of the main attractions: The Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill.

Discover the truth behind the legends of the gladiators and the arena on your Colosseum tour, and gain new insight into this magnificent monument. Continuing on your Roman Forum tour, as you stroll through the atmospheric ruins, your expert guide helps you to understand the politics and power play of the ancient city.

Then there’s the peaceful Palatine Hill, where the history of Rome began with Romulus and Remus.

You visit the impressive remains of the imperial palaces and admire the stunning views of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum from the top of the hill on this Rome history tour.

These atmospheric ruins were once the political heart of the ancient city. You begin in front of the Senate, the imposing building used for the meetings and heated debates of the Republic.

Your walk in the Forum continues with a visit to the temples, as you explore the impressive ruins of the temples of Saturn and Castor and Pollux. Here you learn about the Roman gods and the early days of Christianity, which often overlapped in unexpected ways, as you see from the temple of Antoninus and Faustina, an ancient Roman temple that was transformed into a Catholic church.

In your Historical Rome Tour, your guide shows you the Via Sacra, one of the most important Roman roads, where you can still see the wheel-ruts of the carriages that passed over it for centuries.

The triumphal arches are another highlight of our visit to Ancient Rome, and you’ll be amazed by the Arch of Titus and the Arch of Septimius Severus, which dramatically represent the conquests of the Roman Empire.

You can choose a morning or an afternoon walking tour of Rome, both of which end just in time for you to enjoy a snack and a classic aperitivo in one of the typical restaurants or bars in the area.