Tallinn with kids

Tallinn with kids. Friendly tour at a relaxed pace.

Tallinn  with kids – Old Town Walking Tour  – 3 hrs

We developed a more friendly tour at a relaxed pace for kids and included a bit more interesting sites compared to our adult tours. Although Old Town itself is quite interesting, our additions make it easier to concentrate!

We encourage you to take this tour if you are touring Tallinn with kids, please remember one child ( until the age of 12) accompanied by a paying adult is free! 

Tallinn’s appeal is rooted in its rich history. Its UNESCO-protected old town has winding alleyways, ornate doorways, and medieval courtyards. Among Medieval Nordic cities, there’s none nearly as well-preserved as Tallinn, nor more dense with restaurants, cafés, and surprises.

Kings, queens, and czars have walked the streets of the charming two-tiered city.

Tallinn once consisted of two feuding medieval towns separated by a wall. The upper town, called Toompea was the seat of government ruling Estonia. The lower town was an autonomous Hanseatic trading center filled with German, Danish, and Swedish merchants.

With its pastel-colored buildings all pretty in a row, the Town Hall Square is reminiscent of pages from a children’s fairytale book; the highlight of Tallinn with kids tour. 

Walking tours around Tallinn Old Town are the perfect way to explore at a leisurely pace. You won’t want to miss the intriguing details on the grand baroque buildings, crumbling stucco facades, monumental gates and marble streets.

We stop and have a break at a traditional establishment to enjoy marzipan and a coffee before we head to the upper town as part of Tallinn with kids tour.

The focus for Tallinn with kids will be the Upper City and the Kiek In De Kök where they’ll walk around Danish King’s Garden, too. This massive, 38m-high cannon tower houses an extensive museum of the town’s fortifications, weapons, and medieval-era life.

Kiek in de Kök was originally built in the 1470s, but quickly expanded and strengthened with walls that are four meters thick.  You’ll see 1670s-era military tunnels that run beneath Toompea to learn their fascinating history and view Tallinn from below.

Like any respectable medieval town, Tallinn has its share of underground passageways, particularly the defensive tunnel systems built during the time of Swedish rule.

Back then the attack was a constant worry, so city planners constructed high bastion walls around the outside of the fortified city. They also installed tunnels under the base of the walls so they could safely move soldiers and ammunition to where they were needed, not to mention spy on the enemy.

The tour includes a slow-moving train ride, too. St.Olaf’s Church Tower is one of the highlights of the tour and kids love climbing it. It’s a grand structure, 124-meter tower and is considered to be one of the symbols of Tallinn. There are 232 steps up to the tower’s viewing platform on a winding staircase to enjoy the views of the city.

Join our Tallinn with kids tour to get acquainted with the city in an efficient way organized professionally and led by a local guide.

You can choose to go private or join a small group of max eight so the experience is always intimate.

Tallinn with kids tour runs every day and starts at 80 Euros.

Starting at 80 Euros.

Free for kids!

HIGHLIGHTS - Tallinn with kids

  • Marzipan Shop
  • Slow moving train ride
  • St.Olaf’s Tower
  • Kiek in de Kök
  • Danish King’s Garden
  • Lower and Upper Towns.
  • Fat Margaret Tower
  • Pikk Street
  • Town Hall Square
  • Wheel Well
  • Great Guild Hall
  • Fortified Medieval City Walls
  • Tall Hermann Tower
  • Stunning views from Toompea Hill


  • Scholarly and local Walks In Europe Tour Guides
  • Admission fees
  • Small groups of 8 or private tours


  • Transport if you’re staying outside of Tallinn old city.
  • Drinks
  • Lunch

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Starting at 80 Euros.

Free for kids!