Vilnius: Authentic Soviet Experience

Quick Details

Duration: 3 hours

This tour runs everyday

  • Morning departure at 9:00
  • Afternoon departure at 14:30

Meeting point:

Vilnius Collectors Club Pamenkalnio g. 5. Your guide will have a signboard that says “Walks In Europe”

Adult (Ages 10+)
Child (Ages 3-9)
Infant (Ages 2 and Under)

Vilnius behind the iron curtain.

The Soviets are long gone but their influence left visible footprints in today’s Vilnius. They come in shapes of apartment blocks, propaganda art, memorials and the culture of local people.

Join our Soviet Vilnius walking tour to get a unique chance seeing behind the Iron Curtain. Learn how  Vilnius existed under the Soviet regime, what was forbidden and what was not. You will also have the chance of an authentic Soviet time food experience.

We will start our guided Soviet walking tour at the historical flea market. Vilnius Collectors Club is so rich with history that it can be listed as a museum. If you are excited to hunt some Soviet times authentic souvenirs – this is the place!

Next stop is for those who like facts and numbers: the famous KGB museum of Vilnius. The darkest museum of all really was also the former Gestapo headquarters during the Nazi occupation. You will be introduced to a sad history and a dark period of Lithuania.

We will cross the Green Bridge built by the Russian unit of engineers. The bridge used to feature four sculptures in the Soviet-style representing a social class idealized by communist authorities: soldiers, workers, farmers or students. Walk across the bridge, hear more about how Vilnius residents needed to participate in various propaganda events, what it looked like to live during the Soviet times and much more.

Next, we will enjoy  ‘’stargazing’’ in Soviet time Planetarium. The Planetary, which belongs to Vilnius University, is the only specialized information center of astronomy and natural sciences. This is the only one such place in the whole Baltic country region, therefore definitely worth a visit. The fact that the building on the outside looks like a huge spaceship makes this walking experience even more intriguing. Learn about the way Planetarium was used during the Soviet times.

Your guide will also talk about the unique TV tower of Vilnius. Learn about the Bloody Sunday, when 13 people have been killed, find out how it was built, how Soviet times are related to this object and how this tower is performing today.

Another famous Soviet times place will be Hales Market. The Oldest and largest market in Vilnius, Hales Market is a place where merchants come to sell fresh herbs, daily products, and even clothes. It is also an important witness of the Soviet times influence in Vilnius. It’s a great place for people watching, too!

Tour ends with a visit to Spunka, a local bar, with its menu, retro photos, dishes, and the extraordinary interior all stuck in a non-existing Soviet era.

Whether you want to see how life was in the Soviet Union or you just want to see another Vilnius apart from the old town, our guided Soviet walking tour will leave a positive experience on everyone.