Chora Church Tour

Quick Details

Duration: 2 hours

Tour departs everyday except Wednesdays

  • Morning tour leaves at 10:00
  • Afternoon tour leaves at 14:00

Meeting Point

  • We meet at the cafe just opposite the entrance of Chora Church.
Adult (Ages 10+)
Child (Ages 3-9)
Infants (Ages 2 and Under)
Private Tour

Explore the Chora Church

Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the 7th of hill of Constantiople to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Chora, a medieval Byzantine church and one of the world’s most revealing religous sites.

We meet at the cafe just opposite the main entrance and your guide will go over the history of Constantinople and Byzantine art over a cup of Turkish tea.

We have skip the line priority admission and avoid the main crowds. Once you make your way inside to see the bounty of ancient treasures that await; please make sure you turn your camera’s flash off.

Hear about its history and imagine it filled with the churchgoers of Medieval Constantinople.

Most of the interior is covered with mosaics depicting the lives of Christ and the Virgin Mary. To the right of the nave is the parecclesion, a side chapel built to hold the tombs of the church’s founder and his relatives, close friends and associates. This is decorated with frescos that deal with the themes of death and resurrection, depicting scenes taken from the Old Testament.

On the ceiling between this dome and the apse, the Last Judgement strikingly depicts this scene from the Book of Revelation in dazzling white with gilt accents, with the rolling up of heaven represented by a coiling motif surrounded by the choirs of heaven.

Pause to take photos of these fascinating mozaics and frescoes and learn their history from your guide. By the end you can choose to stay longer inside or enjoy a stroll along the neighbourhood.