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Athens Acropolis and Acropolis Museum Tour

Discover the Majesty and Mythology of the Acropolis and Its Museum with Pre-reserved Tickets

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Including Tickets
Adults (Ages 10+)
Children (Ages 3-9)
Infants (Ages 2 and Under)
Private Tour Base price for 2 people

Cultural Guided Walking Tours in Athens

An Acropolis Museum and Acropolis guided tour led by an expert guide. Join a small group at the Acropolis metro station very near the Acropolis itself. Get to know your local, professionally-licensed guide as you go over the day’s itinerary. Start your walk right away to discover the imposing Acropolis, Athens’ most popular monument.

Ascend Acropolis Hill and encounter remarkable landmarks that bear witness to ancient Greece’s cultural legacy. Behold the grandeur of the Dionysus Theater, where iconic dramas and tragedies were first performed. Wander through the captivating Odeon of Herodes Atticus and the sacred sanctuary of the healing god Asclepius.

Reaching the summit, you’ll discover the architectural wonders of the Propylea Temple of Nike and the Erechtheion Temple. Set your gaze upon the Parthenon, an enduring symbol of democracy and Western civilization. Dating back to the 5th century, these magnificent monuments serve as testaments to the glorious ancient Athens and the Golden Age of Pericles.

Your exploration continues as you enter the renowned Acropolis Museum, recognized as one of the world’s top museums. Experience the splendor of the original masterpieces salvaged from the Acropolis temples, skillfully showcased in natural light. Marvel at the fascinating excavations laid bare beneath glass floors and walkways, offering a glimpse into ancient treasures.

Delve into the Acropolis Museum’s ground floor, where exhibited artifacts offer fascinating insights into daily life in Athens. Gain an understanding of wedding customs, beloved children’s toys, ancient healing techniques, and religious practices.

On the first floor, stand in awe before the enigmatic archaic statues from the 6th century that once adorned the Acropolis. Be captivated as you stroll alongside the majestic Caryatids and encounter monumental fragments from the Acropolis entrance.

Finally, ascend to the last floor, where an awe-inspiring view of the Acropolis awaits. Marvel at the original and extraordinary Parthenon frieze, a testament to conceptual brilliance and artistic excellence. Let the beauty of the surroundings and the stories etched in stone transport you to the heart of ancient Greece’s grandeur.

After your guided tour, feel free to stay in the museum to explore further at your own pace, enjoy views over the city, or head back up to the Acropolis and visit the Museum Cafe!