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Florence Accademia and Duomo

Must see in Florence

Quick Details

This tour runs :

  • Weekdays ( except Mondays )  at 09:00 / 11:00/ 13:00 / 15:00
  • Sundays at 11:00 / 13:00 / 15:00

Meeting Point

Tour meets at the entrance to the Accademia Gallery. Your guide will have a signboard that says “Walks In Europe”.

The address is: Via Ricasoli, 58

Adults (Ages 15 - 99 )
Youth ( Ages 7 - 14 )
Children ( Ages 3 - 6 )
Infant ( Ages 0 - 2 )
Private Tour Base price for 2 people

Join Our Accademia and Duomo Tour in Florence

If you only have one day for a tour in Florence, go for this one!

Three-hour tour that covers two of the major monuments: the Accademia Gallery for Michelangelo’s David and the Cathedral’s Cupola (Italian translation of “dome”).

We’d recommend that you combine this tour with our Spirit of Florence tour. This tour goes beyond just showing you the best sights because it’s led by an expert Florentine guide, ready to share insights into the city that most tourists don’t discover on their own.

It’s also essential because we organize pre-reserved tickets, so you do not lose time waiting in a long line while you’re on holiday.

Tour’s first half: Accademia Gallery (skipping the line)

People will think you’re mad not seeing the original David in Florence… so, make time for it! Michelangelo initially carved David for the Duomo and completed it in 1504, when he was just a young man of twenty-nine. However, contrary to the original project, the “stone giant” was placed in Piazza Della Signoria (the political heart of the city) and finally moved into the museum in the 19th century. A copy replaced its original in Piazza Della Signoria in 1910 and still guards over the city of Florence.

The story of David was ever-popular in art throughout the 15th century as a symbol of the strength and truth of good over evil. Your local guide will explain to you the anecdotes related to the masterpiece during the tour and the vicissitudes of six more sculptures by Michelangelo exhibited in the museum.

Tour’s second half: the Cathedral’s Dome climb (skipping the line)

Dominating the skyline of Florence, the imposing Cathedral of Florence is an artistic wonder for its size and its amazing marble decorations. You’ll see the beauty of priceless treasures of Gothic and Renaissance art strolling around the Cathedral and the other monuments of the Duomo Square (St. John’s Baptistery and Giotto’s bell tower).

After having discovered their secrets from outside get ready for the Dome’s climb! The cupola by the architect Brunelleschi is very famous for many reasons, like its size (it’s the largest dome in stone) and internal decoration (it hides the largest frescoed surface all over the world). During the climb, you will see the structure’s secrets visible along the original passages and see the most important artworks contained in the Cathedral, visible from the Dome’s internal terraces. After having reached the top you can admire scenic views of Florence and the surrounding Tuscany.

Both the Accademia and the Cupola are very famous for many reasons, and rightly so they are notorious for the difficulty to get tickets. This tour is a great investment to save your time and to appreciate the potentially overwhelming series of artworks with a knowledgeable yet personable guide.

The tour includes the Brunelleschi Pass that will give access to the Museum and the Baptistery for 72 hrs! 

Truly a treat and a wonderful tour!

The tour guide was prompt, attentive, very informative and truly took interest in what we were interested in hearing more about and seeing more of. She took the time to learn about our interests and catered to some of the covered discussions regarding our interests.

The pace was perfect and covered everything we expected.

Veronica was our guide for the evening and we couldn't have asked for a better, more knowledgeable guide. It was absolutely worth it for me and my wife. Looking forward to visiting Florence again, we wish we had more time!

Chiara was amazing! Completely informed and her pace was perfect!

Chiara was our guide and she was really awesome! The tour was small group, so she was able to really explain things, take our time, and take pictures. The dome climb at the end was worth it for the view also!