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We live in a wonderful world which is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. And in our mind, the best way to explore any location is by foot. Not only you get a chance to see the main attractions but you also get a great possibility to take the unbeaten path, discover hidden gems. And who doesn’t like that?

Want even better experience and maximize your time during your visit? Guided walking tours are the best way to do that. But hold on… Don’t just take any walking tour. Take a tour that is guided by passionate local guides, just like we are at Walks In Europe.

From majestic Acropolis to medieval, fairytale Krakow and the hip vibe in Amsterdam. If you think that guided walking tours are just museums and standing in line, then our Lisbon walking tour will definitely change your mind. Or maybe oriental food experience in Istanbul? We don’t want to spoil your excitement, but we have curated walking tours for everybody’s taste in awesome cities around Europe.

Join us and experience the city the way would locals do. Not just another walking tour, but a tour that is created especially for you!


We are locals

  • Our guides can capture your intellect and your imagination
  • We help you see the big picture – and the small
  • Rated as the best tour guides in Europe
  • Walks in Europe make cities better

Get off the beaten path, as well as on it

  • Immerse into neighbourhoods
  • Experience cities in a different way
  • Live in the city, don’t be a guest
  • Make new friends

Scholarly, experienced, and local tour guides in Europe

Arzu Owner

Arzu is a tour guide, tourism professional and an entrepreneur living part-time in Istanbul and Tallinn. She is responsible for running this business when she is not trying to catch up with laundry – She’s a kick-ass mom and enjoys writing, traveling, storytelling, and good wine with good company.

She’s doing her master’s degree on Estonian Studies at Tallinn University. You may still have her as your guide while she’s in Istanbul.

Sandra Purvinaa
Sandra Uber Cool

Sandra is our back office fairy, keeping things simple and jumping into all of the adventures that come to Arzu’s mind in order to make Walks In Europe better and better. Some might call her assistant but we like to refer to her as the back office fairy because she keeps us surprised with magic.

In her free time, Sandra enjoys traveling, good food and making beautiful photos around the world. She is originally from Latvia but living already for a few years in Estonia. If you ever meet Sandra, she will never say no to a dish which contains potatoes.
Giulia Florence

Giulia has a degree from University of Pisa in Roman Archaeology, lettere classiche, and archeologia. She prides herself in knowing all about Tuscany.

She shows and explains the beauty of Florence to our clients in Italian or English. As our main contact in Italy, Giulia is altogether a delight, whether you are visiting as a family or in a large group.

Denis Tallinn

Denis is a graduate of Tallinn University, has MA degrees in Educational Sciences and Conference Interpreting. He was born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia.

Guiding is his passion and it is something he is very good at! He has been working as a guide for 17 years, so he may say he truly knows every nook and cranny of Tallinn and has knowledge in culture and history of Estonia.

He guides in English and Russian.

Martina Rome

Originally from Verona, Martina holds a PhD in Archaeology from the University of Birmingham (UK). She has worked as a field archaeologist, carried out research and provided consultation in Museums, taught University students. She has worked and lived in the UK, France, Croatia, Africa, and the US.

Incurable optimist and addicted night-time learner, she is a mum of 2 young children and step-mum of 2 grown-up children. Martina loves walking along the ancient Roman aqueduct at Tor Fiscale, cycling the Appian way, being taken to museums by her children, and indulging in Roman cuisine.

Estela Lisbon

Estela, a local from Lisbon, has a degree in History & Art History which is crowned by her Master’s Degree in Museum Studies. She worked in Museums both in Portugal and in London. She has been guiding for more than 10 years. What she loves the most about Lisbon is the river Tagus, the tiles, and the smell of grilled sardines.

Ursula Tallinn

Ich denke, eine gelungene Reise ist Poesie der Begegnungen.

Ob ein gemütlicher Spaziergang durch die urige und wunderschöne Hansestadt oder durch die reiche, unberührte estnische Natur – Treffpunkt der Wildnis und Magie – meine Touren sind durchflochten von Geschichte und Gegenwart, Kultur und Folklore, Mitfühlsamkeit und Herzlichkeit.

Ich mag für mein Land die beste Visitenkarte sein, ich mag für Sie ein Erlebnis schenken.

Julia Tallinn

Julia is born and raised in Tallinn. She has a degree in Tourism and Hospitality at the Tartu University of Estonia. Since her graduation 15 years ago, she’s been working as a tour guide.

You can see her passion showing the beauty and great history of Tallinn to our guests. Her interests are history, art, and cultural heritage.

Julia has a gentle approach and is very easy going as she interacts with people. It’s a great pleasure to see our repeat clients asking for Julia as a guide again!

Julia guides in English and in Russian.

Josanne Helsinki

Josanne originally studied forest science. She knows Helsinki and the vast landscapes of Finland: lakes and forests and bears and berries.

She created a city walk to discover main attractions in Helsinki with music from Finland. She’s been doing radio programs in Finland because Finnish music has always inspired her a lot. He musical tours open a fascinating dimension of Finnish culture and deepen your experience in Helsinki in a unique way.

Josanne guides in English and German

Monique Stockholm

Monique grew up in France but has been living in Stockholm for 30 years. She loved teaching French, German and Swedish to immigrants interacting with people from all over the world and all ages but her true passion is being a qualified guide in Stockholm.

She is the perfect guide for anyone visiting her city and she guides in an interesting, most entertaining and dramatic way!

She guides in German, French and English.

Tanja Helsinki
Originally from Lithuania, Tanja enjoys her 34th year in Helsinki. She has a master’s degree in Russian language and literature.  She is passionate about the white capital of the North. You can find her talking about Finnish history, design, architecture, culture, school education system and also about interesting traditions of the Finns. Being a classical music fan, she adds a lot for great Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, his music and his life.
Tanja guides in English, Finnish, Lithuanian and Russian.
Stella Athens

Stella’s passion for Athens passes onto you! It is the city where Socrates lived and it’s been an inspiration for the humankind giving birth to ideas and philosophy. Curios ?

Join a tour with Stella for a unique experience in Athens. She’s a great host and delivers great tours at the Acropolis and the Museum.

Mara Athens
Mara Athens

Born and raised in Athens – a hardcore Greek! She has a degree in Ancient Greek Civilization and loves mythology.

Her tours include history, archaeology, good food, better wine and folklore dancing. Her future plans include finally learning how to cook and completing her first novel titled ‘Misguided’.

Mara guides in English and Japanese.

Jelena tour guide in Tallinn
Jelena Tallinn
Jelena born and raised in Tallinn is a true local.  She knows places all trendy or historical. She has a degree in Written Translation at Tallinn University and has been guiding for 12 years already.
She loves traveling and to guide is her passion. She has lots of fun stories, local experiences in Tallinn and great knowledge. She does her best to introduce her native country so that the one would fall in love with Estonia at first glance.
Jelena guides in English and Russian.
Mustafa Amsterdam

Mustafa is our main contact for Northern Europe and he leads unique itineraries in Amsterdam where he lives. He’s a totally charming character with outstanding knowledge of European history and art. You’ll be amazed to see Amsterdam through his eyes; he’s a great conversationalist with a wide great range of interests… certain to keep you entertained and informed on your Amsterdam tour.

Kadir Poland

Kadir studied Travel Management in Turkey and Economics in Vienna School of Business. Guiding since 2002, he was awarded as the best guide world-wide by a well-known American travel company because of his outstanding guiding service to American Travellers.

Our main contact in Poland can deliver tours in English, German, Polish, and Hungarian.