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Do’s and Don’ts In Venice

venice boats

DO book a gondola ride:

Venice is a city built on water and canals are its streets. Water is our element, and the best way to enjoy Venice is by boat.

No waves, no erosion if you get a gondola instead of a water taxi! This a peaceful ride that you can choose to go private or share the cost on a small group.

Gondola stations are everywhere, rates are the same everywhere in the city (6 people max per boat):

€ 80 for a 30-minute ride, day rate

€ 100 for a 30-minute ride, night rate

Book a gondola ride

DO wear comfortable shoes

Venice is a walking city and even if you decide to use the public transportation system you will stand most of the time so make sure to be extra comfy to make the most of it.

We offer guided walking tours that last 2 – 3 hours and we give enough breaks but still you will love your comfy shoes!

a group of people walking in front of St Mark's Basilica

DO have a SPRITZ

When in Venice this is mandatory! Spritz was invented in Venice during the Austrian domination as Austrian soldiers were not so keen on local strong wines and asked wine sellers to add some water to make it lighter. After Austrians had left other local spirits were added and guess what? It’s one of the most popular cocktails ever.

You can have it sweet with APEROL (orange color), bitter with CAMPARI or SELECT (red), or strong with CINAR (dark caramel artichoke-based spirit made in Italy).

Any time is good for a spritz! Price range from 3/5 €. Ask your local expert guide for recommendations after your tour ends.

Venice Aperol Spritz

DON’T ask for a pizza place

Hey, we are in Italy and you can get pizza everywhere, but tradition in Venice is based on seafood.

There are many little cafés or bars to order the typical local triangular shaped sandwiches called TRAMEZZINI or the local tapas called CICCHETTI (seafood, vegetables, cold cuts ….) and delicious GELATO.

a plate of food on a table

DON’T stop ST. MARK’s square for your shopping

This is the super tourist attraction, and everything is much more expensive than anywhere else. Few steps away from St Mark’s there are small local artisans ‘shops, little restaurants, and cafés.

Helping the local economy is the better way to practice more sustainable tourism: avoid big brands you can find close to home and act locally!

DON’T tip at the restaurant

Unless you feel really pampered by the waiter or you want to get rid of small change, you don’t need to tip. In Italy, restaurants charge you already for the cover (tablecloth, napkins, breadbasket). The rate is normally 2-5 € per person and sometimes they also charge for the service: usually 10/15 % of the bill.

Do be careful when reading the menu!

Author: Our expert local guide Silvia Nardin in Venice

Venice Chief Guide