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Venice: Highlights Tour St.Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace

Two must see sites: Basilica of St.Mark and Doge's Palace with pre-reserved tickets

Quick Details

Duration: 3 hours

This tour runs every day 09:00 / 11:00 / 13:00

Meeting Point

We meet at Saint Mark’s Square by the big column with the winged lion at the waterfront. Your guide will have a signboard that says Walks In Europe.

Senior ( Ages 66 - 99
Adult ( Ages 15 - 65 )
Youth ( Ages 6 - 14 )
Child ( Ages 3 - 5 )
Infant ( Ages 0 - 2 )
Private Tour Base price for 2 people

Highlights of Venice Walking Tour – 3 hrs

Spend three hours in Venice to see the major highlights of the city led by a scholarly and local guide: Basilica of St. Mark and the Doge’s Palace with pre-reserved tickets. 

Meet your expert guide at the famous St. Mark’s Square and start getting to know the city and its origins. See the most renowned public space in the city and, learn about its historical, social and political importance. Learn about the Clock Tower and the Marble Lions that are all part of St Mark’s history.

Continue your way to the Basilica of St.Mark and enter the cathedral with your pre-reserved tickets. Savor its amazing sheer size and the fascinating golden mosaics. Learn about its opulent design, and its status as a symbol of Venetian wealth and power, known by the name Church of Gold.

Immerse in the achievement of its oriental feeling of exoticism with all the elements of the Venetian style of the Renaissance Art. Listen to the story of the life-size Horses of St Mark’s Basilica said to be some of Europe’s finest creations. Why are these statues here? What are they made of and what is their connection with Istanbul? Find out the answers to all these questions and more as you accompany your guide on this well-planned Venice walking tour.

Follow your guide at a relaxed pace to visit the Doge’s Palace with pre-reserved tickets straight into this opulent palazzo. Learn about the supreme authority and wealth of the ruling Venetian Doges in the Gothic architecture of the palace. Ask about the talented 14th-century sculptors that worked on the palace and enjoy stunning views across the Lagoon as you explore this world-famous landmark.

Continue to the Old Prison that was part of the Doge’s Palace, learn why the New Prisons were built, and understand the significance of the Bridge of Sighs, another highlight of Venice.

Leave your guide with enough knowledge to enjoy the rest of your stay at Doge’s Palace.