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Soviet History In Modern Tallinn

Take a guided drive around Tallinn to enjoy Soviet era history and cultural highlights

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Private Tour for 2 people

Soviet History In Modern Tallinn Tour with a Private Vehicle

Meet your local guide and begin discovering the Soviet history of Tallinn. Drive until Lasnamae to see a fascinating part of the city that until the 1990s was considered Tallinn’s model socialist micro-district. Soak in the typical Soviet atmosphere as you pass apartment buildings that have not yet been remodeled, and learn how this area has preserved its original appearance as a typical Soviet residential district.

Exit the vehicle and stroll through this unique district, more or less an open-air museum of Soviet Estonia which reflects the style and architecture of its time.

Drive to the Baltic seaside to discover the Memorial of the Victims of Communism in Maarjamae, dedicated to the Estonian people who suffered the terror of the Soviet regime. It is a grand architectural achievement which was created to remind us all of the fragility of freedom and human life.

Continue to the outdoor exhibition at the history museum, which shows life-size statues of old Soviet leaders like Lenin and Stalin. Take in the history of the totalitarian state and get an understanding of the ideological foundations and methods of Soviet society.

Take a break at the Pirita Yacht Club, which was built to house the sailing games of the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Have a refreshing beverage while you enjoy the scenery of the Baltic Sea.

Cross the city center and arrive at Linnahall, another leftover from the 1980 Olympics which was built as a city hall. Catch wonderful views of Tallinn while you learn about the history and architecture of this iconic, enormous concrete building.

End your tour at the National Library of Estonia, the largest in the Baltic countries with underground floors housing a massive book depository. It shares many similarities with Linnahall, like grand staircases and a maze of access stairs which give it a strongly urban dimension.

Choose to stroll to the old town (about 10 minutes by foot) or visit the nearby Museum of Occupations and Freedom.