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Why You Must Visit Siena Now?

Siena small group tour

The essence of Tuscany: Siena, the city frozen in time.

2020’s pandemic provided the opportunity to improve tourism habits and practices of travelers:

  • Respect for social distancing
  • Research for new sites off the beaten paths
  • Discover the magic of intact and enchanting villages in their silent pleasantness surrounded by nature.

Why You Must Visit Siena Now?

Is this not one of your top priorities now? 

Want to visit an art-city that also reconciles green?  Even better, if it is surrounded by the world-famous Chianti hills as an Italian gem presenting itself as it was in the Middle Ages (with a few exceptions and some embellishments dating back to the Renaissance). Visit Siena!

Siena’s charming narrow roads, the imposing profile of the Public Palace’s Tower in Piazza del Campo, its centuries-old Cathedral will leave you breathless.

Why You Must Visit Siena Now?

A pleasant tour cannot spare the experience of the local wines and food: especially Siena’s sweets are very popular all over Italy (there’s no Christmas without Ricciarelli and Panforte on the table) and the preciousness of the ingredients attests the richness reached by the city in the past.

Your local guide will help you make the most of your visit and won’t leave any corner unseen… take advantage of this opportunity!

Why You Must Visit Siena Now?

Author: Chiara Certini, our local expert guide for Florence and Siena. Read more about our expert guides here:

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On a guided walking tour, discover Siena, its famous monuments, and hidden treasures. Enjoy skip-the-line tickets to enter the famous Cathedral of Siena faster and start exploring more quickly. Catch quiet moments in tucked-away squares and cobbled streets as you explore the medieval neighborhoods. Enhance your experience with an extended visit to the Cathedral Complex, Crypt, and Museum.