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Highlights of Florence Walking Tour

See the iconic neighbourhoods and take in the local atmosphere of Florence

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Adults (Ages 15 - 99 )
Youth ( Ages 7 - 14 )
Children (Ages 3-6)
Infants (Ages 2 and Under)
Private Tour starting from for 2 people

Take the essential Walking Tour in Florence.

Join the group in Uffizi Square to start getting acquainted with the lovely Tuscan capital of Florence. Step back in time to one of the most fascinating periods in Florence’s history: the Renaissance. Learn about Florentines like Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Donatello, and Machiavelli who greatly contributed to shaping western thought and culture during this fascinating period.

Explore Piazza della Signoria, the center of political life in Florence since the 14th century, which houses the impressive Palazzo Vecchio. Gaze up at the awe-inspiring sculptures under the Loggia dei Lanzi, and ask your guide about the perfect replica of Michelangelo’s famous David, placed there in 1910 and still presiding over the square.

Just a short stroll away are the pint-sized jewelry shops of Ponte Vecchio, still hovering above the River Arno. Learn that this medieval bridge, intended to be an important city defense, also houses a hidden passageway that was built for the wealthy Cosimo de Medici I. We’ll discuss the delicate relationship between art and power, and the Medici family’s influence upon Florence, which ultimately became the cradle of the Renaissance.

See the inscription by Dante which marks the site of the Amidel murder. Absorb 2,000 years of history as you visit the Roman Forum, now Piazza della Repubblica. Ask about when Florence, then called Florentia, was founded in 59 BC as a settlement for Julius Caesar’s former soldiers.

Discover lesser-known spots such as the artisan Oltrarno Quarter with its wonderful backstreet cafes and delis, which you can return to later. Dive down narrow passageways to emerge in quiet corners of the city where everyday life buzzes around you. Join the hustle and bustle in the Mercato Centrale where fresh produce, cheese, meat, and fish create a uniquely Italian potpourri! The smell of leather will take over as you walk through the Mercato Nuovo, learning about the stories of tanners and leather smiths who relied on the Arno river for their livelihoods.

Stroll by gorgeous, medieval Orsanmichele church as you ponder how medieval crafts turned into Renaissance artistic leadership. Wander over to Duomo Square to marvel at the sheer size and intricate decor of this hallmark of Florence, which also boasts the largest brick dome in the world!

Say a fond good goodbye to your guide with plenty of suggestions and enough knowledge to enrich the rest of your stay in beautiful, unforgettable Florence.