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Discover Siena with its Cathedral Guided Tour

Stroll through Italy's loveliest medieval city

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Adults (Ages 7+)
Children (Ages 3-6)
Infants (Ages 2 and Under)
Private Tour Base price for 2 people

Discover the highlights of Siena and enjoy skip-the-line tickets for the Cathedral.

Catch quiet moments in tucked-away squares and cobbled streets as you stroll through the winding and well-preserved medieval neighborhoods of Siena. Learn the history behind the renowned Palio horse race from your expert guide. See the Old Ghetto, the Tower District, and take in panoramic views from one of the city’s highest points. Our pre-booked tickets make entering into the stunning Cathedral a breeze, and our small groups or private tours offer each of our guests a more personalized, intimate experience.

Walk down a winding path that offers glimpses of the Duomo (or Cathedral) and Torre del Mangia from afar. Stop for a lingering first glance of Siena’s famous skyline before continuing on towards Piazza Del Campo. Discover how this seashell-shaped square (a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is often called one of the most beautiful piazzas in Italy) was the result of an enlightened, 14th-century government.

Siena is a city with strong traditions, the most notable being its Palio horse race, which has divided Siena for centuries in unique neighborhoods called “contrada.” As you stroll through the contrada, which are almost like independent towns, imagine how they brazenly challenge each other during the Palio, which is held twice a year. Walk through one of the most typical contrada, and let yourself be immersed in Siena’s authenticity. This not-quite city, the not-quite town was most vibrant in the Middle Ages, and your guide will explain not only why, but how even the local pastries reflect Siena’s prosperity during that era. Ask your guide where to find typical Ricciarelli or Panforte sweets before moving on to the second part of the tour.

See the magnificent Fonte Gaia fountain which adorns the higher part of Piazza del Campo. Take a break as your guide points out decorated reliefs of The Creation of Adam and The Flight from the Garden of Eden.

Use your priority access tickets to enter the Cathedral, and enjoy a tour of the magnificent marble mosaic inlay floor and the astonishing decorations by the Tuscan artists. Explore the medieval masterpieces by Duccio and Pisano and admire the stained glass sparkling in the sun. The Cathedral houses many Renaissance highlights: several Donatello, Michelangelo, and Bernini sculptures, and the frescoes by Pinturicchio in the Libreria Piccolomini, where a first-time painter has taken the first steps before the imminent fame: Raphael.

Leave your guide with enough knowledge to enrich the rest of your stay in medieval, unforgettable Siena.