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Tallinn Old Town Walking Tour – Private

Discover lesser-known treasures that other visitors often miss and understand what life is like in medieval Tallinn

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Private Tour Base price for 2 people

Old Town Tallinn private walking tour

Much of Tallinn’s appeal is rooted in its rich history. The rest can be attributed to its UNESCO-protected old town, which boasts winding alleyways, ornate doorways, and medieval courtyards. Of all the medieval Nordic cities, there’s none like the well-preserved Tallinn, with its dense array of charming shops and restaurants.

Join our 3-hour walking tour to explore Tallinn’s famous attractions which, although they’re steeped in medieval charm, are always at the cutting edge of modernity. Tallinn is interesting enough to explore for days, but also small and compact enough to give you the full Tallinn experience in just a few hours–especially led by one of our expert guides.

Tallinn once consisted of two feuding medieval towns separated by a wall. The upper town on the hill, called Toompea was the seat of government that then ruled Estonia. The lower town was an autonomous Hanseatic trading center filled with German, Danish, and Swedish merchants. Explore both Toompea and the Lower Town at a relaxed pace, seeing the highlights of Tallinn and immersing yourself in its rich culture and history.

Follow your local guide as you explore their favorite galleries, craft workshops, ceramic stores, and artisanal jewelry shops.  See intricate details of the grand baroque buildings, stucco facades, monumental gates, and ancient streets that you will pass along the way.

We are quite flexible in Tallinn, and if you are arriving on a cruise ship or a ferry, we are happy to pick you up. After the tour, you can have free time in the old town, or we’ll accompany you back to the port.