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  • Guided Tour with Tickets

Florence: Tour of Duomo, Museum, and Baptistery with Pre-Reserved Tickets

The Most Efficient and Affordable Way to See the Duomo Cathedral in Florence / Includes Optional Climb to Giotto's Bell Tower with Pre-reserved Tickets

Quick Details

Here is the Google Map link to the meeting point.

Adults (Ages 15 - 99) Includes Giotto's Bell Tower
Youth (Ages 7 - 14) Includes Giotto's Bell Tower
Children (Ages 3 - 6) Includes Giotto's Bell Tower
Infant (Ages 0 - 2)
Private Base price for 2 people
Adults (Ages 15 - 99) Without Giotto's Bell Tower
Youth ( Ages 7 - 14) Without Giotto's Bell Tower
Children ( Ages 3 - 6) Without Giotto's Bell Tower

Explore the Heart of Florence! All Tickets Are Pre-reserved

Join our intimate small group tour and uncover the prominent landmarks in the heart of Florence, including the culturally and historically significant Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, and its complementary structures, all expertly explained by a knowledgeable local guide.

Enter the stunning Cathedral from a separate entrance for small groups and marvel at the breathtaking art and architecture. Learn about the history and significance of this iconic landmark, and uncover its secrets and hidden gems alongside an expert guide.

With priority admission, venture into the octagonal Baptistery of St John and be mesmerized by its ceiling adorned with golden mosaics and the gleaming bronze doors famously known as the Gates of Paradise. Take a moment to gaze at the relief work on the detailed panels and discover that the authentic East doors are currently on display in the Museum, which is your next stop.

Inside the Duomo Museum, marvel at the extraordinary masterpieces, such as the Baptistery gates, Donatello’s sculptures, and the original dome’s wooden scaffoldings. While the exhibits can captivate you for hours, your guide will highlight the essential works of art, including Michelangelo’s Pietà.

Afterward, head to Giotto’s Bell Tower, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture that stands tall beside the Cathedral. (Optional) Choose to climb the tower with pre-reserved tickets and marvel at the panoramic views of Florence from the top. As you ascend the tower, take in the intricate details of the tower’s construction, including its intricate sculptures and colorful marble exterior. Take in the breathtaking views of Tuscany and Florence, an unforgettable experience.