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  • Exceptional Destination In Paris

Paris: Jewish History Guided Tour In Marais

A Must for Anyone Interested in Jewish Culture, History, and Cuisine, or for Those Simply Seeking to Explore One of the Most Captivating Neighborhoods in Paris

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Adults (Ages 10+)
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Paris: Jewish History Guided Tour in Paris

Come along with us on an unforgettable journey, join our Paris tour walking through the heart of Marais, the city’s renowned Jewish district. In a small group you’ll see the most significant landmarks and attractions, such as the Jewish Documentation Center, Holocaust Memorial, and the largest synagogue in the area (from outside). Explore the iconic Rue des Rosiers, also known as the Pletzl in Yiddish, with your expert local guide.

Meet your guide in front of the main entrance of the BHV Department Store, just across from Hotel de Ville. Gain in-depth insight into the rich history of the Jewish community in Paris throughout the centuries. Learn where they first settled and why they moved to the Marais district. See the place where Talmud was burned publicly for the first time. Stroll through the lovely streets, discover St Gervais church, and two of the oldest medieval houses in Paris.

At the Holocaust Memorial (Mémorial de la Shoah), pay respects to the millions of lives lost during the dark chapter in history. The Memorial features a moving exhibition of photographs, personal belongings, and testimonies from survivors. It sheds light on the daily lives of Parisian Jews and their experiences during the war.

Walk around the Village Saint Paul, an area where Jews were hidden during the Nazi occupation. Understand the change, and now see a very lovely and calm neighborhood with design and art workshops.

Enjoy a conversation with your guide about important events that occurred in Paris and its surroundings. Share fascinating insights about artists like Chagall who painted the Opera Garnier’s ceiling.

Next, see the Hector Guimard Synagogue, the largest and most iconic synagogue in the area, and discover its rich architectural and cultural heritage. Designed by the renowned French architect Hector Guimard in the early 20th century, this masterpiece of Art Nouveau architecture features intricate ironwork, vibrant stained glass, and flowing, organic lines.

Stroll down the Rue des Rosiers, a bustling street lined with Jewish bakeries, delis, and shops, and our guide will share stories and insights into the vibrant Jewish culture that still thrives in this charming corner of Paris.

Our journey will end in front of the Museum of Jewish Art and History, where you can choose to visit at your own leisure to learn more about the unique and fascinating artistic traditions of Jewish culture.

This tour is perfect for anyone interested in Jewish history and culture or seeking a deeper understanding of Paris’s diverse neighborhoods. Join us for an unforgettable journey through the Marais and experience the beauty and resilience of the Jewish community firsthand.