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Highlights of Lucca Small Group Guided Tour

Learn about Lucca’s history from a local guide and enjoy the privileges of a small group tour

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Adults (Ages 18 - 99)
Youth (Ages 9 -17)
Children (Ages 3 - 8)
Infants (Ages 0 - 2)
Private Tour (Base price includes 2 people)

Highlights of Lucca Small Group Guided Tour

Explore the iconic and unique city of Lucca surrounded by its towering walls. Learn from a passionate, local guide about history, culture, and more. Travel in a small group and take it all in.

Visit the iconic city of Lucca, famously known for its beautiful walls that surround the center of the city. Our tour begins just outside the walls, near one of the four monumental city doors: Porta San Pietro.

Explore the secret underground tunnels which lead to a beautiful garden where 1631 trees were planted many moons ago. In ancient times, Lucca was a fortress city. Your local guide will explain how it was structured and the various hurdles and obstacles enemies had to overcome if they were to conquer the city.

Next up: The monumental cathedral. Originally constructed as a dedication to Saint Martino, your guide will explain the mysteries surrounding its construction and architecture. Visit two houses that seemed to have been preserved, frozen in time from the 14th century. You may choose to climb it, explore inside, and stand on top to enjoy the spectacular view (purchasing tickets is an additional cost).

You’ll visit San Michele (the ancient political square) which houses important buildings in Lucca. If sweets are your thing, you might like to taste the traditional “Buccellato” cake at the famous bakery. The church dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel is filled with intricate works of art, depicting ancient scenes such as St Michael slaying a dragon. Listen as your guide points out these scenes and explains mythical stories.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the charming, bustling Fillungo Street. There’s no wonder why it’s the most popular street in Lucca- filled with shops, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and much more. And last but not least, see the Roman amphitheater. This historic building housed gladiatorial shows and games and was built in the second half of the 1st century AD.

At the end of the tour, feel free to continue exploring on your own or ask for a recommendation on where to go next.