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  • Private Boat Trip

Venice: Murano and Burano guided tour by private boat

Discover the Islands of Venice on your private boat led by an expert guide: Murano and Burano

Quick Details

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Private Tour, 4 hrs Base price for 2 people

Murano and Burano guided tour

Embark on a private boat from Venice and indulge in sweeping city views. Your expert guide will entertain you with captivating tales of Venice’s transformation from swampland to its present glory.

Our first stop is Murano Island, renowned for its legendary blown glass. Witness skilled craftsmen at work in a real glass workshop, as they shape molten glass into exquisite works of art. Discover the island’s rich history dating back to the Middle Ages when glassmaking was consolidated here.

We then set sail to Burano, a vibrant fishing village known for its captivating colors. Capture stunning photographs against the backdrop of brightly painted houses that have adorned the island for centuries.

Explore the intricate, handmade lace shops, where generations have perfected the art of needlepoint lace. Your guide will also point out the local bakeries, famous for their delectable cookies, making for a delightful treat on our boat ride back to Venice.