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  • Major Hits of French Gothic Architecture

Paris: Sainte-Chapelle and Conciergerie Guided Tour with Tickets

Explore Three Remarkable Landmarks on Île de la Cité, Including Notre Dame Cathedral, the Iconic Sainte-Chapelle, and Conciergerie

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Adults (Ages 18-99) Group Tour - 15 people
Youth (Ages 9-17) Group Tour - 15 people
Children (Ages 3-8) Group Tour - 15 people
Adults (Ages 18-99) Semi Private - 7 people
Youth (Ages 9-17) Semi Private - 7 people
Children (Ages 3-8) Semi Private - 7 people
Infants (Ages 2 and Under)
Private Tour Base price for 2 people

Paris: Sainte-Chapelle and Conciergerie Guided Tour with Tickets

Embark on a captivating guided tour and delve into the rich history of Paris. Explore three remarkable landmarks on Île de la Cité, including Notre Dame Cathedral, the iconic Sainte-Chapelle, and Conciergerie.

Begin your adventure in Île de la Cité, where you’ll learn about Paris’s rich history and culture. Along the way, uncover captivating details about this island, all while engaging in conversations about the Notre Dame Cathedral and the unfortunate recent fire incident.

Venture into the awe-inspiring Sainte-Chapelle, where you’ll have the privilege of witnessing its breathtaking beauty. This architectural gem, housing the sacred relics of Christ’s Crown of Thorns, is renowned for its exceptional stained-glass windows that cast enchanting walls of light. It stands as a true jewel of French Gothic architecture and boasts the distinction of housing Paris’s oldest public clock, a towering marvel at 47 meters.

Continue your journey with the renowned Conciergerie, located in the heart of the city on Île de la Cité. This remarkable site, originally Paris’s first royal palace, offers an exclusive experience with pre-reserved tickets and an expert guide. Uncover exceptional Gothic rooms, including a reproduction of the prison cells used during the revolutionary tribunal era. Immerse yourself in the UNESCO-listed historical site and listen to captivating stories of its most famous prisoners, including the renowned Marie-Antoinette. As part of your exploration, don’t miss the nearby Tour de l’Horloge, a historic clock tower of the Conciergerie.

As our tour concludes, feel free to ask your guide for recommendations on further exploring the city. Enjoy a stroll through the charming streets of Paris, along the picturesque Seine River, to continue your adventure.