Vilnius Old Town Architecture and Uzupis Quarter Tour

Quick Details

Duration: 3 hours

This tour runs every day

  • Morning departure at 10:00
  • Afternoon departure at 14:30

Meeting point: 

We meet at the Palace of the Grand Duke. Your guide will have a signboard that says ” Walks In Europe”

Adult (Ages 10+)
Child (Ages 3-9)
Infant (Ages 2 and Under)

Vilnius is Europe’s Best-Kept Secret.

Our guided walking tour is carefully curated in order to show you an amazing experience what Vilnius has to give.

Start at Grand Duke’s Palace housing Vilnius National Museum now. Learn about the fascinating history of the Vilnius Castle Complex- the Upper, the Lower, and the Crooked. Get a chance to see prints of the past where they are combined with today’s modern design.

Next, we will see Vilnius Cathedral– the most famous church in the city. Vilnius Cathedral is a great reminder from the past when dukes were running the city. Its neoclassical facade has large columns and sculptures of four Evangelists. Learn about the unique architecture of its tower which as a separate unit: a free-standing bell tower.

Continue your walking tour with stories about the history of Vilnius, how it got a chance to become the capital of the country, after all, initially, the capital of the country was another city. You will see a monument of Grand Duke Gediminas- founder of Vilnius. He was better known as a diplomat, who attracted the attention of Europe to Lithuania. He did so much for the development of the city and  Lithuania; listen to our expert guide as they tell you some more interesting facts about Gediminas and his activity back in the past.

See the stunning panorama of Vilnius and the castle complex from Gediminas Castle Tower – a major symbol of the city. Climb up the upper floor to get a chance to observe the city from the deck spotting historic landmarks like the Vilnius Cathedral, the National Museum and ancient buildings skirting the river Neris.

The last part of at the city center is the mesmerizing St. Michael’s church. It is one of the oldest churches in Lithuania, and its Gothic details are almost untouched. The church’s exterior is quite modest with red bricks, however, the coziness of this church is what attracts the eyes of people who are walking in front of it. In the past, it was a cultural center of Vilnius- locals gathered together to chat.

It’s time for the intriguing part of this walking tour: a little village that announced independence from the main town with its own flag!  It is called- Uzupis. In the direct translation, from Lithuanian to English, Uzupis means ‘’the other side of river’’. 

Lithuanians know Uzupis as a tiny republic of free spirits. Funny, residents of Vilnius say, that if you stare into the eyes of the Mermaid as you cross the bridge into the tiny, self-declared Republic of Uzupis from the surrounding Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, you will never want to leave. Sounds intriguing? Get this amazing chance to check it out yourself.

This is a place where people can disconnect themselves from modern life and reconnect to what is important in life. If you cross the bridge, you can become yourself, in that locals truly believe in. The atmosphere in Uzupis is completely different from the rest of the city, you can go to the pub and meet the mayor of the city, or a famous basketball player. Experience Uzupis unique vibe during our guided walking tour and if you are lucky enough, you will even get a chance to get a stamp in your passport, since Uzupis really believes that they are independent Republic.

Are you excited to see Vilnius town square? Today it is not just a pleasant space to spend your afternoon, but also a place representing the political, social and cultural life. This was the former market square and still has the buzz and the cheers of the locals.

Vilnius is famous for its splendid doors and gates, too! See the Basilian Gate, an impressive late baroque monument opening up to the spacious courtyard with a church in the middle: making that perfect postcard-worthy view.

Next is the Gates of Dawn:  one of the most visited sites in Vilnius hosting a famous painting of  The Mother of Mercy.

Our walking tour will come to an end with probably most awaited part of all the tour. We will talk about what is Zeppelin and where you can find it? Here we don’t want to spoil your excitement, but be ready to have some extremely tasty experience as a reward after an exciting walking tour experience.