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Verona: Arena Tickets and Small Group Walking Tour with Cable Car

Marvel at the Renowned Arena and Enjoy the Best of Verona

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Adult (15 - 99)
Youth (9 - 14)
Child (3 - 8)
Infant ( Ages 0 - 2 )
Private Tour Base price for 2 people

Arena Tickets and Small Group Walking Tour with Cable Car

Embark on a delightful small-group tour to uncover the finest treasures of Verona, and delve into the city’s remarkable landmarks, such as the Roman Amphitheater, aka Verona Arena, Romeo’s House, and Juliet’s Balcony.

Immerse yourself in Verona’s captivating history as you meander through medieval alleyways and savor awe-inspiring vistas from the top of Saint Peter Hill, accessed by a cable car. Allow our seasoned guide to escort you on this unforgettable expedition, where you’ll unearth the city’s clandestine marvels and hidden gems, all while indulging in Verona’s delectable cuisine and wine.

Begin your journey at Bra Square, located in the heart of Verona. Explore this bustling public square known for its vibrant atmosphere and picturesque architecture.
Follow your guide to see the elegant palaces and historic buildings. With its wide array of restaurants, cafés, and shops, Bra Square offers visitors a taste of traditional Veronese cuisine and a chance to immerse in the city’s lively culture.

Follow your guide for the unforgettable journey to the Arena in Verona, one of the most remarkable ancient Roman amphitheaters in the world. Admire the Arena’s intricate architecture and marvel at the impressive preservation of this nearly 2,000-year-old monument.

Visit Juliet’s House which is believed to have belonged to the Cappello family, who inspired Shakespeare’s famous tragic love story “Romeo and Juliet”.
See the famous balcony where Juliet is said to have stood while Romeo declared his love for her. Take photos of the statue of Juliet in the courtyard and try your chances for good luck in love.

Time to go up the cable car and see a breathtaking view of Verona from Saint Peter Hill, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Walk and admire the Adige riverfront providing a magnificent view of the ancient Saint Thomas Island.

Explore Piazza Signori which was once the political heart of Verona. See several important historical palaces and houses. Learn about the importance of Dante Alighieri, the famous Italian poet as you stand under his statue.

Walk around Piazza Erbe which has a long history dating back to Roman times. Wander through the colorful outdoor market, sample local foods and wines, and admire the beautiful medieval architecture that surrounds the square.